An Introduction

Hello everyone!

Welcome to Auslamophobia, a campaign dedicated towards raising awareness of Islamophobia and its consequences in the hopes of preventing Islamophobic incidents, particularly in Australia.

Islamophobia is a very current issue fraught with confusion and opposition. It is defined as an irrational prejudice and fear of Muslims resulting in discrimination and hostility. Often it is argued that this issue does not exist but the creation and use of the Islamophobic Register in 2014 suggests otherwise. You can find it here. The Islamophobia in Australia report from Dr Derya Iner in collaboration with a number of organisations has found that, from the reported incidents to the Islamophobic register, almost half of offline incidents (48%) took place in central everyday locations and only 5.3% of these incidents involved intervention by a third party.

Recent events have brought the issue to light including Pauline Hanson’s stunt with the burqa which she wore to parliament as a fear mongering technique. You can read more about that here. As a party which has been built on fear mongering since the 90s where she attacked Asian immigrants, the saddening success of her One Nation Party is no longer news. However, as onlookers, it is our responsibility to take action for our inaction. To understand that no action helps no one whereas action may.

Not only does this campaign hope to raise awareness of the existence and extent of Islamophobia but also to encourage proactive practices when viewing such incidents. With reporting and intervention rates so low, it is clear that this is a social issue which requires a lot of work. Let’s bring down the hammer on perpetrators, not by jumping in and stooping to their level but by little acts like removing the victim from the vicinity, calling authorities and being a pillar of support.


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