Terrorism and Islam

Where to begin?

The rise of terrorism in the world, largely after 9/11, has been a critical factor in the changing perceptions of Islam and Muslims around the world. How can a religion of ‘peace’ be used to justify killing and bombing others? How can we allow these people into our countries without expecting violence and extremism? Well, the key word here is extremism.

Terrorism in the name of Islam is not religiously motivated violence but rather, it is motivated by fanaticism. Nothing is immune from change and selective interpretation of religious texts refuses to acknowledge the changes accompanying the 21st century. However, this is not a campaign created to understand extremists but rather to target the onlookers and the regular people. We are aware of the existence of Islamophobia as it cannot be denied that discrimination against Muslims simply because of their beliefs does happen.

It seems that a middle ground has been somewhat lost. Either Islam is a religion to be feared or it isn’t. If you are one of those who does not believe that Islam should be feared, you’re directed to videos of beheadings and informed that you do not care about Western civilisation, national security or victims of terrorism. In fact, it gets worse when you are a Muslim because you must publicly condemn the attack to avoid being labelled a terrorism supporter yourself.

All Muslims cannot be terrorists and all terrorists cannot be Muslim. I would strongly encourage you to read this article providing excellent arguments.




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