Preventing Islamophobia – What can I do?

When confronted by the prejudice and discrimination faced both online and offline by Muslims, it often seems like an insurmountable barrier. Whether you are a Muslim or not, there is actually a lot you can do to overcome biases and every day Islamophobia. It is also important to realise that every person has a responsibility to challenge hatred they see and once you’ve looked within (see previous blog post) you must look outwards and know you’ve made a significant difference just by being a caring person. Here’s a few tips to get you started.

1. Intervene!

Whenever you see Islamophobic sentiment being echoed, speak up! Whether it’s a conversation on the train or a misrepresentation on TV, know that you have power as an individual to let your voice be heard. You’d be surprised by how many people will agree with you. Not only that but you’re telling people they are being discriminatory or prejudiced when they might not even realise they’re doing it. If they do realise it and you put a stop to it, maybe they’ll think twice about what they say the next time around.

2. Talk about it!

Get your friends and family together or anyone you know who fears Muslims or Islam in general and have a chat! Don’t be afraid to approach them, a frank discussion helps a lot! Take this further by talking to your Muslim friends or making new ones! It’s always better to get your uncertainties out in the open. Don’t be derogatory or intimidating, remember that not all Muslims are visibly Muslim.

3. Post about it!

Social media is such an important tool for creating social change these days. Even if you get disagreements, seeing your post forces people to think about the issue and helps shape your online interests and personality.

Hopefully you can put these tips into practice and understand that there’s a lot you can do! Stereotyping and discrimination only occurs because it is allowed to happen. You may not think that you can change entire attitudes but you’ll be another voice to the community against Islamophobia and together, you’ll be loud. One word can make all the difference. Extinguish the hate!



8 thoughts on “Preventing Islamophobia – What can I do?”

  1. […] This is the most important lesson. Islamophobia is a very real issue and no matter how many layers it’s wrapped in by politicians, there are very real people who suffer the consequences of hate speech every day. By denouncing Islamophobes and associating with the right people, there’s a lot you can do to help. Every individual can make a difference with just one word. Do not doubt the power you have. Find out more about what you can do here. […]


  2. Love this post! Islamophobia is very real, widespread and quite frankly, disgusting. Every person, of any religion, ethnicity, culture, gender, sexuality, etc should not live in fear of harm, and fear of judgement. Feeling shamed for who you are, how you dress and what you believe… and having this weight on you when you haven’t personally done anything, is so upsetting.
    Recognising that we all have a responsibility to challenge hatred is one of the most important points. All too often, people are bystanders, witnessing verbal abuse (sometimes physical), as seen from the multiple personal experiences recounted here, like that of Zayneb and Aysha.
    Don’t be a bystander. Intervene. Call it out. Report it.
    If seen on tv, start the conversation on the misrepresentation and stereotyping with your family and friends.

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      1. same for our campaign about unsafe gig behaviour as well! Staring the conversation, not being a bystander, calling it out and reporting. All simple but critical

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