Reacting to Islamophobia: Your Role

In our last blog post, I told you how to prevent Islamophobia from happening in the first place. However, a large number of Islamophobic incidents are always occurring and people are unaware of who to contact or what to do when they are confronted. Here’s what to do when you find yourself in that situation.

1. Step in after you’ve analysed the situation

If you see a Muslim being harassed, you need to look at the situation and ask yourself, ‘what is the best way to approach this situation?’ For the majority of perpetrators, they do not like fighting back and if the victim has another supporter, they are far less likely to continue the attack. The following guide created by Maeril is a perfect example for what you can do, directly or indirectly.


2. Report the incident to the correct authorities

The police, of course, are the number one place to report an Islamophobic incident. However, there are many other organisations that specialise in the recording and analysing of Islamophobic incidents in particular.

The Islamophobia Register Australia was actually created by Muslims for Muslim incidents in response to the growing anecdotal evidence suggesting a rise in incidents of Islamophobia. It’s been a real innovation for Australia, providing more data than anyone before. If you need to report anything there, the link to report is very easy to access and simple to fill out. Don’t hesitate. If you’re feeling particularly repulsed by what you saw, I would encourage you to share your experience so that you raise awareness of this social issue and people around you can learn from it.

3. Learn from what you witnessed

This is the most important lesson. Islamophobia is a very real issue and no matter how many layers it’s wrapped in by politicians, there are very real people who suffer the consequences of hate speech every day. By denouncing Islamophobes and associating with the right people, there’s a lot you can do to help. Every individual can make a difference with just one word. Do not doubt the power you have. Find out more about what you can do here.


6 thoughts on “Reacting to Islamophobia: Your Role”

  1. Thank you providing a method in which violence and abuse is not met with violence again. Standing up to someone being abused doesn’t mean you have to retaliate the same way. I always thought it would be quite frightening to stand up against someone who’s blatantly yelling racial slurs, but this seems like an appropriate way to handle the situation. My only concern is that the racist human will then become physical rather than walking away. But hopefully, by one person standing up against racism, others will join too.

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    1. Absolutely! Thanks for supporting the cause! Valid concern there but for many perpetrators they are all bark and no bite so facing a strong opposition is the best way to go! Support can also be given indirectly by distracting the victim and ignoring the attacker 🙂


  2. […] There’s always something you can do and reporting an Islamophobic incident as a witness is only one extremity you may have to do. However, it’s important to recognise your role as an individual and realise that there are so many daily instances where you see or unconsciously find Islamophobia. The first step is recognising you have the responsibility to combat it. It is definitely worth checking out our previous blog posts here, here and definitely here!! […]


  3. Great post! Definitely need more people to be aware of how to stand up to someone being abused rather than just recording it and posting it on social media.

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